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Latinx On The Rise is a podcast focusing on conversations with high achieving Latinx movers and shakers. Under the current political climate, the Latinx community continue to be relegated by being told what and who they are with little space to share perspective of our own stories. From queer identity to Afro-Latinidad we are constantly reminded there is little room for our stories to reach the masses. Latinx On The Rise has changed that landscape with representation of all kinds of Latinx- Americans across the country who are excited to share their achievements and hope to inspire listeners.

Universal income a Martin Luther King Jr. dream and our future.

January 20, 2020

Andrew Yang is one of the several Democratic nominees for President of the United States. While the race is still on, Yang has reintroduced Universal Basic Income. This is something formally known as Guaranteed Annual Income and was presented by Martin Luther King Jr.


This podcast episode is not an official endorsement of Andrew Yang but it is a look at a concept that may very well lie in our futures. Randy Zuniga and I speak about Yang's proposal and what this looks like for the future of our country.

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