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Latinx On The Rise is a podcast dedicating to uncovering stories about Latinx all around the world. I will be interviewing activists, artist and content creators who are working for and with the Latinx community.

Ni gorditas, ni flaquitas, sólo sanitas!

July 22, 2019

I sat down with Justina Adorno, one of the stars of ABC's new show, Grand Hotel produced by Eva Longoria. The first episode struck a very personal cord with me when Justina's character is called, "Gordita." There are so many words in our culture that are meant to be compliments but some have lasting negative affect. We also talk about Grand Hotel and the expansion of Latinx roles. Grand Hotel does a great job of showing natural diversity, if you can believe it, it's almost like real life. I joke, but many TV shows seem to be forcing diversity these days with no commitment to the characters. This show puts the characters front and center, their ethnicity is an after thought.  


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