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Latinx On The Rise is a podcast dedicating to uncovering stories about Latinx all around the world. I will be interviewing activists, artist and content creators who are working for and with the Latinx community.

Navigating the current administration

May 4, 2018

Betsy Aimee Cardenas is a wordsmith, content creator, podcast host, business owner and hot cheetos connoisseur. She is the co-founder and Chief Content Creator for Born in June Creative a boutique studio that supports socially conscious entrepreneurs to tell their stories with compelling words, images, and a strong social media presence. She is also the host of The Currently podcast a show for Millennials, & Xennials about life, careers & social issues in her show she also documents her journey towards building a career as a multi-passionate woman of color. Her writing on careers, politics, mental health and parenting has been featured in publications like Marie Claire, VOX, and Forbes Woman. She is a mother, stepmother, and wife raising her family in East Los Angeles with her husband, who is also her business partner.  

In this podcast Betsy and I talk about navigating this current administration and our views on the positive potential in this volatile political climate. We also discuss her work in politics, the taboo of sex talk in some Latin American households, Mexican- American identity and Facebook discourses. We dive in to her pieces written for Mitu, Marie Claire and Vox