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Are you down for la causa now Cisneros?

February 11, 2020

Alisa Valdes- Rodriguez the author of Dirty Girls Social Club talks about her experience attempting to work with Susan Bergholz, Sandra Cisnero's book agent. Her book focuses on a group of women who met in college and they all happen to be Latinas. These women are complex but no, not all speak fluent Spanish. The name of the group was derived from one of the character's being called a "sucia" by her parents because she wanted to live in the dorms at college. This is a story I know very well, my older sister basically had to trick my parents into letting her stay in the dorms at college. 

Valdes-Rodriguez talks about her blog post where she reflected on her first hand experience with Cisnero's and Maria Hinojosa which may surprise you. When we talk about supporting each other are we talking about supporting all Latinx or just those who agree with us? 


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