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Latinx On The Rise is a podcast dedicating to uncovering stories about Latinx all around the world. I will be interviewing activists, artist and content creators who are working for and with the Latinx community.

February 25, 2019

Hearing Our Voices

We all know the big black and brown names in history from Frederick Douglass to Cesar Chavez but the truth is those two don't even scratch the surface of the heros in our communities. Luc Cudet, Alejandro Gonzalez and Travis Hatcher together created Abantu Audio a forthcoming APP and current intersectional book distributor. 

Growing up I didn't know much about my Latinx American history until I paid extra for it in college. It was only at that point that I really knew those who paved the path. Abantu Audio has been working to not only bring our stories to curriculums in universities with hopes of eventually reaching younger audiences. The audio books they offer are read in the voice's of black and brown actors who better to tell our stories.  


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@abantuaudio | @latinxontherise




February 18, 2019

Online Organizing

These days, we can easily be concerned all the time about our current social and political situation. Sara Mora, an activist and social media influencer, and I talk about getting focused and educated on one issue and championing that. We also talk about her experience in San Diego and sustainable change. 



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February 11, 2019

Closet Therapy NOT the Marie Kondo method

We’ve all seen or heard about Marie Kondo’s method but let’s be realistic holding something and asking if it brings us joy isn’t enough. By disposing of mountains of clothes we are just adding to pollution in the environment.

Ana Karina Da Silva and I talk about methods to clean out our closets, swap clothes with friends and stop impulse buying.


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February 4, 2019

The art of letting go!

I had the pleasure of talking with Christina Medina, music supervisor for Jimmy Kimmel Live. We all have dreams in our life that we put our full weight behind. Working in late night was Christina’s. However, when those dreams don't work out exactly as we saw them, it’s hard to let go. Christina and I talk about showing up, being prepared and letting go.

The ability to let go and accept what does not come our way the first time, opens us up to the opportunity it will come back to us.

We also chat about being first generation and her parents reaction to her working in entertainment. It’s always a cute experience to try to explain exactly what you do to parents, especially when there is a cultural difference.


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