One of the biggest souls is Little Village! Midterm voting and community work.


Ray Arroyo and I met many moons ago, while working at a community center together. We both taught English to adults in a Latinx neighborhood. Community work, whether in the Latinx community or in your neighborhood is important now more than ever. It's important to remember that when we see a changing world and we must take the best parts of ourselves and put them to work. 

Haters in the Community and getting that raise at work!


Alexis Tirado, the Head of Pero Like, joined me in a conversation about haters in the Latinx community and how to be a good leader. We also discussed how to ask for raises! Also, self correction on Latinx having 7 Trillion spending power. We actually had 1.7 Trillion in spending power in 2017 and US Latinx are the 7th largest economy. I got my facts twisted! Also Latina women get paid in a range of 42 to 81 cents on the dollar, depending on the state. Enough with those (awesome) numbers! 



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From Hoops to Hip-hop


New comer to the music industry, Ian Michael and talk about his beginning in the industry. We talk about everything from selling yourself, inspiration and the learning curve in the music industry.  

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